Embroidery is a technique of embellishing apparel most sought after for companies looking to achieve a professional, sophisticated look without sacrificing durability. HRM Graphics sister company Melton Embroidery has been a provider of high quality embroidery for many years and all embroidery is done in-house. We have a full library of pre-digitized clipart to choose from or our art department can custom digitize your logo.
All logos must be digitized in order to be embroidered.  Digitizing is converting a graphic into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine's computer.  This tells the machine things such as what type of stitch, what direction to sew and when to change colors, etc.  Embroidery can show a lot of detail, but there are also limitations.  For example, lettering needs to be kept to a minimum height of .25" in order to be legible. We'll be happy to discuss what would work best for your logo to produce a desired end result.

Once we have your logo digitized we can then take your logo and stitch it onto the garments of your choice.
Embroidery can also be used to personalize garments by adding Individual names. We can embroider on a large selection of shirts, caps, jackets, bags and other many other items.

With a large selection of thread colors in stock, choosing the right colors for your logo is easy. We use only the highest quality Rayon and Polyester threads to ensure lasting durability and color fade resistance. Embroidered images can contain anywhere from one to fifteen colors, which give us the ability to accurately reproduce most images.

Our Embroidery Equipment (newest machine in 2014) is the best that technology has to offer. Auto thread tension, laser position indicators with various performance sensors ensure your embroidery will stitch beautifully and consistently.

See some of our samples below and contact us today to see what makes HRM Graphics and Melton Embroidery the best choice for your next embroidery project.