Screen printing is the most popular and economical method of printing fabrics, especially for large quantities.
It can capture very detailed graphics and can be done on t-shirts, sweat shirts, tote bags, cut parts, jackets and other apparel.
HRM Graphics hand prints each peice with care so that every design looks its absolute best. Your words and images will pop off the apparel as the wearer proudly displays your brand for the world to see.

HRM Graphics can print 1 to 6 spot colors, 4-color process, simulated process, discharge, metallics, foils, and many other specialty screen printing. We use only the highest quality plastisol inks that are designed to provide the greatest adhesion, best color, and the durability to last for the life of the garment. We carry a wide range of standard colors, but when you need custom mixed PMS colors, we can mix to match any PMS color. We also offer a variety of specialty inks that include Metallic, Phosphorescent and Puff Ink.
What about price? Usually one of the first questions but not the easiest to answer.

Your price will depend on five factors. They are:
1) The type of shirt(s) you want.
2) How many shirts you need.
3) Artwork creation/ separation
4) How many colors are in your design(s).
5) The number of imprint locations.
The best solution is to contact us at HRM Graphics and let one of our helpful customer service people give you a quote.

Quality Control is key to any successful business, and HRM Graphics is no exception. Prior to shipping and/or delivery, each individual t-shirt is examined for any misprints, manufacturers’ oil stains, snags or holes. This is an important process and guarantees your entire order is accurate and of high-quality.